I drink out of pint glasses that depict mountains I want to climb. I know I have a problem.
Also, PBR and OJ is really good.

This is why I have to work alone.
I’m a mess.

Enjoy by tomorrow night!

My best girl.
I love her so much even though she’s a little bit dangerous.
I ride 100 miles a week rain or shine.

I hope my buddy Jeff is having a blast on The Prow. I should have been going up with him. It felt strange leaving Yosemite today. I feel like I blew a great opportunity. Now I’m back home working like a chump.

MURDER BY DEATH - “I Came Around” (Live in Hollywood, CA) #JAMINTHEVAN

Holy shit. They are great.

Sonny Gray gets it done against Texas!

Glad to see Oakland back in the post season.

One against KC then bring on the Angels!

Hangin out in the rain.
Too wet to climb.